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All online banking users are required to setup a unique login ID. A unique login ID is much safer than logging in using a member number and easier for you to remember. Choosing a login ID now gives you a better chance of obtaining the one you prefer, since each member’s login ID must be unique. Follow the steps below to change your login ID and enhance the security of your online banking account today! 

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Note: Once you create a unique login ID, you won’t be able to use your member number to access online or mobile banking. If you’ve saved your login ID on any mobile devices, you’ll need to update it to access the mobile banking app. Enter the unique login ID created through online banking along with your existing password and click “log in”. You can't use the mobile app to change your login ID from your member number to a unique one without first changing it through online banking using a web browser. If you've stored your login ID to automatically fill in web forms, you'll need to update your browser and/or device settings to access online or mobile banking.

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