Bonus Dividend and Interest Refunds Have Been Approved!

Thank you for contributing to our success in 2018! Our successes are not possible without you, our member-owners. We’re excited to announce that we’ve returned some of the income earned last year. On Thursday, January 10th, all eligible member-owners received up to four deposits into their primary savings. We looked at your HPCU accounts, loans, mortgages and credit cards to calculate your individual amounts.

Just look for the following deposits in your savings account:

  1. Acct Bonus Div: 11.195% of the total dividends earned on your HPCU savings and checking accounts in 2018—includes CDs, IRAs and ESAs
  2. Ln Int Refund: 11.195% of the total interest paid on your HPCU loans in 2018—includes home equity loans and HELOCs; excludes mortgages serviced by CU Members Mortgage and credit cards
  3. Mtg Int Refund: 11.195% of the total interest paid on your HPCU mortgages in 2018
  4. CC Int Refund: 11.195% of the total interest paid on your HPCU credit cards in 2018

The bonus dividend and interest refunds, if applicable, were based on the dividends you earned and the interest you paid in 2018 as described above. Click here to see the total amount we refunded!

Thank you for your membership. We appreciate your loyalty and encourage you to choose the credit union for all your financial needs—savings and lending—to reap the greatest return as a member-owner of such a sound financial institution. As we kick off 2019, we look forward to continued success and the trend of being able to reward our member-owners each year. If you have questions, please contact us or visit any HPCU branch location.

Best Wishes,

HPCU Board of Directors, Management and Staff

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