Fraud Alert Texting Service

When our debit card processing system suspects a transaction may be fraudulent, the system will immediately send you a text message requesting verification that this is a valid transaction. For valid transactions, all you do is type YES and send the reply. Once this message is sent, the merchant can then rerun the transaction to complete your purchase. If you reply NO, your debit card will be immediately blocked, and no other card transactions can be completed until you contact our member services department. Since the service is text-based, it is critical that we have a valid cell phone number in our system for you. Contact us to ensure we have your current number.

The fraud alert texting service will begin Thursday, August 1st for all Houston Police Credit Union members with a debit card. No enrollment is necessary. The short code for the fraud alert texting service will be 37268. You can expect all HPCU debit card fraud alert text messages to come from this address number. If for some reason you do not reply to the fraud alert text message, the system will then try to contact you by voice or email.

If you have any questions, visit any of our branches or give us a call today!

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