Upgrade Overview

Welcome to your new and improved banking experience! Over the past year we’ve been diligently working on upgrading the credit union’s systems, and now it's finally time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Our new systems allow us to fully integrate your accounts, streamline our processes, and help serve us serve you and all your financial needs faster and more effectively. We're now offering many new features, functions and capabilities in addition to quicker branch transactions, speedier account openings and more online convenience. To discover more helpful new features, log into online and mobile banking and see for yourself!

Important Note: You will now need to apply for loans and credit through online banking using the Loan Application widget. Go to HPCU.coop, enter your username and click Log In.

Thank you for your patience throughout the upgrade process! If you have any questions or need help with the new products and services, please call us at 713.986.0200 or 800.927.8707, or visit any of our branches for assistance.

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