National Credit Union Youth Month

Inspire Great Financial Habits For The Next Generation!

Financial literacy is an essential life skill that can significantly impact a child's future financial success. As a result, parents should teach children about money management and financial responsibility from a young age. Here are some reasons why financial literacy is important to children:

  • Teaching children the importance of budgeting, saving, and investing can help them develop good money habits.
  • Prepares children to make informed financial decisions in the future.
  • It teaches children the value of money and the effort it takes to earn it.
  • A strong financial literacy foundation likely helps children avoid financial mistakes.

Open a savings account today and begin teaching children about money management and financial responsibility!


Visit us at one of our branch locations or give us a call to find out more about our savings accounts1 and becoming a member of HPCU, today.

1 Subject to a one-time Membership Entrance Fee of $0.25. See our current Fee Schedule and Membership Agreement for a complete list of fees.


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